Protest Press is a collective of five designers who aim to empower young creatives to use their voice. Through the use of letterpress and photocopying, visually dynamic posters are produced. Making letters out of folded strips of paper. Protest Press operates as a series of workshops and events using tools to facilitate change in our society.


Young people today often feel like they don't have the platform to speak up about issues they care about. Protest press is a collective of designers that run workshops for young people to inspire a new generation of print based activism. The workshops present an alternative method for young people to use their voice to inspire positive change, through the physicality of paper and typography. Protest Press creates a network for people to connect and collaborate over issues they care about through an online community and collaborations with creatives in the industry to inspire a new generation of designers.



In collaboration with  Scarlett Chetwin, Grace Lister, Aoife O’Doherty and Millie Tyler.