In a distracting world, how often do you find space for reflection?


Overwhelm was a study undertaken by me to understand the correlation between attention span and when the eye is visually overwhelmed. I undertook legibility and typographic noise tests. Using colour and shape to create a mood environment. I found this project to be research-led, using my findings to establish how to move forward.

After a visit to Las Vegas I explored how one is overwhelmed in everyday society. Creating a proposed exhibition experience in a room where the projections, sounds and atmosphere is controlled to enhance the overwhelming experience. Thus allowing the viewer time for reflection.


The end result was a room installation designed to visually overwhelm the viewer, with triggers from words, intense moving colour and sound. Leading to the viewer questioning and needing to take time to reflect. Showing a time-lapse of projections, in one corner of the four walled projection.

In Progress


APR 2017