Our campaign Budge Up was focused on spreading awareness for Amnesty International to welcome refugees to the UK. Budge is defined as ‘to make the slightest movement or to make room for another person by moving’, which we all agreed would translate well into a public campaign. We asked the public to Budge Up, reminding them that if we welcomed 500,000 refugees to the UK, there would only be 1 extra refugee for every 128 British residents. We believed this was insignificant against the current pledge 20,000 that the government hopes to achieve by 2020.

We hoped to highlight that it isn't a refugee's choice to leave their own country but it is also their human right to be accepted into ours. The Yellow Man, one of our group, dressed up in a yellow suit and charismatically interacted with the public encouraging conversation and support of #Budgeup.


In Progress


JAN 2017